I am very pleased to announce the next step in our journey together.

EAG Laboratories has signed an agreement to be acquired by Eurofins, the global leader in Scientific Services.


Eurofins Scientific is an international life sciences company that provides a unique range of analytical testing services to clients across multiple industries such as pharmaceutical, environmental, food, consumer goods and clinical diagnostics through 375 labs in 41 countries. EAG represents a truly strategic fit for Eurofins, adding complementary capabilities in Life Sciences.


 EAG provides Eurofins an entry in to the dynamic and growing Materials and Engineering Sciences segments, where EAG has an unmatched reputation. This represents entirely new business lines for Eurofins, and provides a platform with significant organic and inorganic growth potential.  EAG’s Agroscience business is highly complementary to the existing Eurofins Agroscience business in terms of capabilities/capacities and particularly geography.   In the biopharmaceutical testing segment, EAG enhances the Eurofins BioPharma Product Testing group in a geographic area of the USA where Eurofins had no presence so far. 


EAG is an amazing company because of your hard word and excellent results. Our scientific excellence, regulatory know how, deep customer relationships, and persistence to find answers to difficult questions and problems for our clients is how we got there. Eurofins sees tremendous value in this, and has a track record of growth and success in these and other areas.  There are many exciting possibilities for EAG and Eurofins in our future together, and I look forward to exploring them with you.

我很高興地宣布我們EAG下一步, EAG實驗室簽署了一項協議,由全球科學服務領導者Eurofins收購。


Eurofins Scientific是一家國際生命科學公司,通過位於41個國家的375個實驗室為製藥,環境,食品,消費品和臨床診斷等多個行業的客戶提供獨特的分析測試服務。 EAG表現了Eurofins真正的戰略契合,為其增加了生命科學的分析能力。


 EAG為Eurofins提供了進入動態和不斷發展的材料和工程科學領域的機會,EAG在這些材料分析領域享有無與倫比的聲譽。這代表了Eurofins的全新業務線,並提供了具有顯著有機和無機分析增長潛力的平台。 EAG的Agroscience業務在現有的Eurofins Agroscience業務方面與能力/能力,特別是地理位置相輔相成。在生物製藥測試領域,EAG在美國的一個地區增強了Eurofins BioPharma產品測試組,Eurofins目前還沒有這樣做。


EAG是一個了不起的公司,藉由公司表現。EAG的科學卓越,專業知識,深入的客戶關係以及堅持不懈地為客戶尋找難題和問題的答案就是我們努力實現目標的。 Eurofins在這方面看到了巨大的價值,並且在這些領域和其他領域都有成長和成功的記錄。 EAG和Eurofins在我們的未來有很多令人興奮的可能性,我期待與您一起探索。